Metta World Peace is fighting animal abuse with PETA

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New Knick Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest and soon to be known as  who knows what, has made a rap song about his love for Afghan Women, donated close to $300k to mental health charities, released a children’s book and now has joined the PeTA movement.

In this behind the scenes video of his photoshoot with the controversial animal rights group, Metta talks about his love for dogs and the importance of proper care for pets. Even though Peace no longer lives in LA, PeTA used the photos to make and release this billboard on Sunset Blvd…


which has created some buzz but nowhere as much hate as these recently taken down billboards of another former Laker.


Metta’s heart is in the right place but unfortunately so many people have a negative perception of him and PeTA and their publicity stunts, such as last week’s request to have a statue of a bloodied chicken on crutches put up in Oregon to honor of the chickens injured and killed in a truck crash, that i’m afraid his message will just be viewed as another publicity stunt.

This isn’t PeTA’s first partnership with a NBA player. A few years ago, 1 day after the NBA suspended Gilbert Arenas to be exact, PeTA released the “Ink not Mink” campaign featuring Gilbert Arenas. Amare Stoudemire and Dennis Rodman.   It seems like PeTa likes the idea of using NBA “Bad Boys.”


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SOURCE: Ball Don’t Lie

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