Metta World Peace New rap song w/ Jim Jones – Get Like Me

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When I heard Metta World Peace had a new song I thought it had to be about Dwight Howard but Shaq has that covered.  Kobe is always a good topic but most popular current rapper that wouldn’t make a top 25o list in 1995  Cheif Keef just made a song about him.

Then I saw the title “Get Like Me” and immediately thought of the David Banner song with Chris Brown called “Get Like Me.”   Well, Metta isn’t Banner and his guest Jim Jones isn’t Chris Brown but that doesn’t stop the duo along with some guys named Deacon, Challace and Foul Monday from making new music.

I took a listen and although I would like to dress like a doctor and hang out with hot women dressed as nurses and star in made for TV movies or Yo Gabba Gabba when I’m not making millions and winning championships I can’t say I like this song at all but if you know Metta then you know he doesn’t care if you don’t like his song.

Download: Get Like Me (Clean).mp3




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