Michael Beasley & Davis Bertans Get Ejected For Shoving Match

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Michael Beasley Dāvis Bertāns

When Michael Beasley gets minutes, he produces. Last week he had 17 points in 26 minutes and a week earlier he had 14 points in 20 minutes and a double-double of 13 and 10 in just 16 minutes. On Monday night against the Spurs, he had eight points on 3 of 3 shooting in 14 minutes, then he gets ejected for getting involved in a shoving match he wasn’t originally involved with. Davis Bertans was also ejected for his part.

The Spurs ended up winning the game by one as the Bucks failed to make a bucket in the final two minutes of the game. Maybe they could have used Michael “Get Buckets” Beasley?