Michael Jordan embraces LeBron James following Heat’s Series win over Bobcats

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LeBron James Michael Jordan

Monday night, the opening round Eastern Conference series between the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Bobcats ended when the Heat and LeBron James walked away with the 109-98 victory, completing the quick sweep.

Aside from this being the beginning of the Heat’s march toward their potential third straight title, much of the focus for this series was on the fact that this was the closest that we would get to a LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan match up in this era.

Following the win over his team this evening and in the series overall, Jordan embraced LeBron in a picture that I’m sure we’ll see pop up more times over the next few years.



During the series, there was also that memorable moment where James, when going in for one of his signature dunks, stared in the direction of where MJ was sitting, but this is the defining moment of this series, by far.



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