Michael Jordan, Jason Kidd & Charles Barkley play 3-on-3 vs Sumo Wrestlers back in 96

Flashback to 1996 before Michael Jordan had a gut and Charles Barkley was as fat as a sumo wrestler in training. Nike, looking to take over the world, sent over many of their top endorsers, including Jordan, Barkley, Jason Kidd, Michael Finley and Damon Stoudamire to Japan to participate in the first Nike "Hoop Heroes" event.

Tickets to the televised event sold out in 20 minutes and although I'm sure the fans in Japan were excited to see Jordan and some of the best players in the world play a game of 3-on-3 with Sumo wrestlers, the game was pretty boring and would be a waste of time if not for the bizareness of the whole thing.

Flashback to almost exactly 1 year ago to September of 2013 and Adidas put on a much cooler event called "1 against 100" featuring Chicago's Derrick Rose taking on Sumo wrestlers, ninjas, dragons, Asian school girls, Asian children and just a bunch of Asians.


Source: HardwoodParoxysm


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