Michael Jordan, Shaq & LeBron scenes from the TV show 'My Wife and Kids'

You might be thinking Damon Wayans must have a lot of pull because Michael Jordan doesn't make many cameos and if he does it probably comes with a price equal to the entire cast of a TV sitcom.  He does but the reason why the GOAT appeared on MY WIFE AND KIDS is because he's friends and ex-neighbors with the legendary comedian. In the hilarious episode from the show's fifth season titled FANTASY CAMP, Wayans' character gets to play a game of one-on-one with his idol at the Michael Jordan Senior Flight School.

Shaq's appearance on the show seemed a little less scripted and just an excuse for the KAZAAM and STEEL actor to do his normal ad lib routine.

LeBron didn't even have a speaking part in his cameo.  The episode is about Wayan's character trying to escape the flu from a sick household so he can see the Knicks/Cavs game.  He ends up going and shakes LeBron's hand after sneezing in it which causes LeBron to get sick and miss the game.

If you want to see more of Damon Wayans playing ball check out the following videos from the 1996 movie CELTIC PRIDE (written by a young Judd Apatow)

If you want to see IMO the funniest thing Wayans has ever done, check out the best of his scenes from IN LIVING COLOR.

Damon Wayans JR talking about living next door to MJ

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