Michael Jordan Shows up To Pippen’s birthday party (with a horrible outfit of course)

Scottie Pippen celebrated his 47th birthday on Monday night with his too hot and classy looking for VH1 Basketball Wives wife Larsa at the Chicago spot Sunda.  The guest ranged from Bulls president Michael Reinsdorf to Antoine Walker…yes I said Antoine Walker.  If having Walker wasn’t enough, Michael Jordan showed up and when you see Michael Jordan you can expect three things.  Horrible over sized jeans, a young pretty Cuban women named Yvette Prieto and “my main man” Ahmad Rashad.

If you aren’t familiar with Jordan’s fashion I suggest you check out the awesome site What The F**k is Michael Jordan Wearing!


I would post my 99 Problems video I made for Scottie Pippen years ago but YouTube had it removed.  As a backup, I’ll post this video instead

[youtube id=”Bx7LkSqNllc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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