Michael Jordan told Jeremy Piven he’s “never seen a better athlete than Dennis Rodman”

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Jeremy Piven bka Ari Gold on the show HBO show ‘Entourage’ was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the ‘Entourage’ film which opens in theaters this week. Piven, who grew up in Chicago, talked about meeting his favorite player of all-time Michael Jordan, asking him a life time worth of questions and having the GOAT drip sweat on him.

“It was the greatest day of my life” said Piven.

Piven also talked about Dennis Rodman and how MJ had to pull The Worm’s “large, naked body out of a situation” to get him to practice. Not surprising.

He then added that MJ said he’s “never seen a better athlete than Dennis Rodman.” ┬áThat is a little surprising.