Michael Jordan’s Famous “The Shot” Over Craig Ehlo (Dragon Ball Z Style)

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OK then…thank you to Reddit’ Noise_filter for giving one of Michael Jordan’s most famous moments the Super Saiyan treatment.  Besides Dragon Ball Z fans, Craig Ehlo might prefer this version to the real one since you don’t really notice him  as much.

But of course his favorite version of “the shot” is from this Gatorade commercial called “What If.”

In quick defense (no pun intended) of Ehlo, this shot is the only thing most basketball fans remember him for but he lasted 14 years in the league and was a 3rd round pick. I think that deserves a little acknowledgement or something worth remembering the next time you see The Shot.

Me personally, when I think of Ehlo and MJ, I think of this picture.


And sometimes this one.

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Then this one.