Michelle “Air” Obama teams up with LeBron to video bomb Wade and Ray Allen

Michelle Obama is cool.  The first lady has appeared on Sesame Street and iCarly, presented the award for last year’s best picture (Argo) at the Oscars and made two memorable appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  One of her videos with Jimmy was “Evolution of Mom Dancing” (a parody of the  most watched video ever on YouTube) and the other was a Physical Fitness Challenge for her “Let’s Move” campaign.

The Latest video from the “Let’s Move” campaign features the known video bombers of the Miami Heat talking about eating healthy and staying fit as Michelle Obama video bombs them.  The best of the bombs comes when LeBron holds up a mini-backboard so Michelle can take flight and show off her hops.  The best part about the staged skit is the natural reactions from the players after Michelle’s taunting laugh.

You can tell they had to do multiple takes from the rough cut before the dunk so I would love to see all the dunk attempts Michelle had to do.  No matter how many takes were needed, It can’t be any worse than her husband’s shooting performance at the 135th East Egg Roll last year when Obama shot 2 for 22 in front of an amused John Wall.

Everytime I talk about Obama and hoops I get a little upset because I remember how bad I was looking forward to the Obama Classic (lockout game) that was supposed to happen December 12th of 2011. Many Heat members including Heat executive Alonzo Mourning were going to suit up along with Durant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony to play in the fundraiser.  Tickets were supposed to sell for $500-1k with all funds going to the Obama Victory Fund.  The event ended up getting postponed because the lockout ended and training camp was going to start 3 days before the event.

The event was resurrected with a much bigger roster, including Michael Jordan’s involvement, in 2012 but it was in the form of a dinner and not a game.  120 people, at $20k per person, attended and the event raised about $3 million.

It’s too bad we never got an Obama Classic game but after seeing the latest “Let’s Move” video I think I would draft Michelle over Barack.




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