Midnight Madness Dunk Contest with Smoove & Young Hollywood

One thing you can count on every year is that the Midnight Madness dunk contest will be as exciting as the NBA dunk contest is frustrating.   Check out the latest gimmick free dunk contest courtesy of our friends at HoopsFix featuring 5’10 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown winner Young Hollywood vs some new guys on the dunk scene including 6’2 Smoove.

Smoove looks like future competition for Guy Dupuy and Werm as the best 1 foot dunkers in the world.  Hollywood continued to beef up his resume by winning the event.  You might not recognize Hollywood but if you see a non NBA person dunking in a commercial it’s probably him or his friend Michael “AirDogg” Stewart.

Check out some past Midnight Madness footage



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