Mike “Air” Muscala Dunks Hard Over LeBron & Thompson Then Takes A Hard Fall

I had no idea Mike Muscala had hops like that! He looked like Dominque Wilkins or a young Josh Smith in a Hawks uni throwing down that tip-dunk.

I guess Mike “Air” Muscala had no idea it was LeBron James under the basket because everybody knows nothing good happens when you dunk on LeBron. We also know the forces behind LeBron will do their best to keep it hidden by either confiscating footage (like Nike once did) or not showing it when it deserves to be shown (The NBA YouTube page didn’t think this was worthy but Kevin Love’s 1-hand dunk was).

Recognition was the least of Muscala’s worry because after the first quarter dunk he took a hard scary fall. He was able to keep playing and had a nice line of 10 points (5-8 fg), 3 rebounds and 2 assists as the Hawks went on to beat the Cavs 110-106! I guess sometimes good things can happen after dunking on LeBron.