Rutgers Practice Footage shows Coach Mike Rice physically abusing players

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UPDATE 4/3/13: Mike Rice has been fired by Rutgers since the ESPN story broke yesterday.  Read More about the firing

Last week comedian Chris Rock said  “I know no one is getting whipped or beaten but economically college sports are no different than slavery.”  Well, the opening statement is not necessarily true especially in the case of Rutgers basketball although it doesn’t seem race is a factor to coach Mike Rice.

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” has obtained hours of shocking footage of Rutger’s Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rice abusing his players in practice.  Abuse in the form of verbal and physical.   Rice was once suspended three games and fined for “inappropriate behavior and language” but after seeing this footage that wasn’t even a slap on the wrist for a huge understatement.   The criminal behavior in this video is enough to put everyday people behind bars or in the poor house from lawsuits.

In this video, ex NBA player and former director of player development for Rutgers Eric Murdock, talks about the criminal behavior of Rice including cursing, grabbing, pushing and throwing the ball at the players.   Since the videos release, many outraged athletes have commented on Rice including LeBron James on Twitter.

As a parent of two active kids, I’m against violence but I 100% support any ass whooping for Rice or a coach like him.


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