Mikey Williams & Dalen Terry Are COMEDY! Day In The Life w/ The Compton Magic in Dallas!

The Compton Magic founded by Etop Udo-Ema is one of the most storied AAU organizations in the nation and in recent years many would argue that they're the best AAU squad regardless of shoe affiliation.

We spent a day with Evan Mobley, Mikey Williams, Dalen Terry, Jaylen Clark during the 2019 adidas Gauntlet in Dallas to give you an inside look on what life looks like on any given AAU day for these athletes.

Be on the lookout for the brand new "ALL MAGIC" Podcast Show by Etop Udo-Ema right here on Ballislife. The first episode will feature Mikey Williams, Isa Silva, The Mobley Bros and more!


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