Milos Teodosic Almost Had The Assist of The Year vs Team USA

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Miloš Teodosić Bogdan Bogdanović

I’m not going to lie, I wanted Bogdanovic to make that shot. Even though the US team was only winning by 5 with a little more than a minute left and a 3 might have given Serbia the confidence needed to pull off an upset, I wanted that 3 to go in just so the always entertaining Milos Teodosic could have had an assist instead of just an impressive pass.

In the 3 point loss for Serbia, Milos had 18 points (4 of 7 from 3) and a team-high 6 assists, which included this beauty.

And here’s another great assist by the 29-year old magician against Venezuela earlier in the week.

And if you still want more, here’s almost 3 minutes of footage showing why some call him Serbia’s “White Chocolate.”