MJ of the Day: Chewing gum, blowing bubbles & HangTime Gum

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Michael Jordan

One of Michael Jordan’s trademarks was sticking his tongue out when he played. Another was the rapid chewing of gum. Combine those two trademarks and it’s a surprise that we didn’t see Jordan accidentally spitting his gum out or biting his tongue during games. What wasn’t a surprise is when Amurol Products, who owned Big League Chew, approached MJ in 1990 to give him his own gum product called “Hang Time.”

The shredded gum pouches came out the following year and two years later Jordan released a book called “Hang Time” — I guess it’s obvious he liked that name.

Unfortunately, consumers didn’t like MJ’s shredded gum as much as they liked Nike shoes, Wheaties cereal, Gatorade drinks or even Ball Park Hot Dogs.

Big League Chew co-founder Jim Bouton: “They even tried Michael Jordan’s Hang-Time shredded gum, but that didn’t succeed, even in Chicago.”

What really surprises me is Jordan never made a deal with Bubblicious. The watermelon flavored Bubblicious was reportedly his favorite type of gum. He liked it so much, a Chicago Bulls ball boy once ran five blocks to find him some before a game.







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