#MJMONDAY: The Goat dunks on Dwight, Kobe & LeBron in front of Melo & KD


When it comes to Jordan, It seems like everybody nowadays falls under one of these two categories.  You have the old school cats that grew up on WGN games and saw MJ dominate a decade and believe he is the GOAT.  Then you have the new generation that grew up on social media that is quick to google a stat or look up a highlight on YouTube that thinks Jordan was overrated and/or no better than Kobe or LeBron.

Of course there’s people (probably the majority of sports fans) that fall somewhere in the middle but they aren’t the vocal ones raving or panning Jordan on forums and social networks.

For those vocal ones, on #MJMONDAY, I present you with this collage via Chicago Bulls Talk.   It’s sure to make the MJ megalomaniacs smile and piss off the people that believe Jordan is nothing more than a package sold to us by Nike.

Me personally, I called MJ the best I have ever seen from watching and using up VHS tapes on Jordan highlights but over the past decade I’ve heard so many Jordan stories from players that have played with and against him that I don’t think there’s even an argument on who the GOAT is.

Below are some First take vids making arguments for and against Jordan, Kobe & LeBron.




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