Monta Ellis scores 25 of his 39 points in the 4th quarter | Kobe vs Monta flashback

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It was just one of those days where you’re feeling it. The crowd got into it and my teammates had faith in me to give me the ball and I was able to knock the shots down. – Ellis

Monta Ellis put on a Kobesque 4th quarter  last night against Orlando when he scored 25 of his 39 points in the 4th quarter.   16 of the 25 4th quarter points came in the final 6 minutes of the game in the form of multiple ridiculous 3 pointers, dunks, and hard drives to the basket.

Speaking of Kobe.  Monta has had some decent games against Vino including a 41 point explosion in 2010 (yeah it’s preseason so what) and a 38 point game (Kobe scored 39) in 2011.

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