Monta Ellis scores season high 30 vs the Timberwolves

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Monta Ellis

The Dallas Mavs continued to score at will on their opponents beating the TWolves 131-117 on Saturday night. Monta Ellis led the way with a season-high 30 points.

“That’s our game,” Ellis said. “That’s how we should play the whole season. We shouldn’t run many plays, just get out, run, flow, pass, cut and find the open guy.”

There’s an interesting YouTube comment that was posted for this video that I have to share since I agree with it 100% and can’t stress enough how much I hate the camera work on The Bourne sequels and the general move-the-camera-and-zoom-for-no reason-at-all-cinematography approach in today’s filmmaking.

curtisoblong69god damn it, what is the deal with all the shitty camera angles on these videos now? what the hell was wrong with just showing the standard one? i can actually appreciate Monta Ellis’ 30 points without having to deal with it looking like a fight scene in a bourne movie with the standard camera angle. #firstworldproblems


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