Most Hilarious Moments From Mad Max & Tina Thompson’s Visit To KG’s Area 21

Vernon “Mad Max” Maxwell and the great Tina Thompson joined KG on TNT’s always entertaining and unpredictable ‘Area 21’ to discuss numerous topics, including the first returns from the All-Star fan voting.

As expected, they were a little shocked by the results, which had Giannis Antetokounmpo getting more votes than LeBron. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone because the Greek Freak is a Greak God to some and when you have a country behind you then you are going to get a lot of votes. That’s the reason why Yao Ming used to dominate All-Star voting (two years in a row) and why Zaza Pachulia almost made the last two All-Star games.

Other amusing moments from the episode included the three talking about the toughest players they had to guard. KG once again raved about Rasheed Wallace and Vernon Maxwell talked about losing sleep before having to play Michael Jordan. If you watched ball in the 90s then you know Max and MJ have some history. Max even once said he wanted to fight Jordan. Here’s my personal favorite story about MJ and Max (and his teammate Jerry Stackhouse).

The funniest part of the following video is when KG asked Tina — who he compares to Draymond Green — which two NBA shooters would she take to the park.

“I like Klay and Steph but I’m not taking them to the park. If I’m at the park, I’m taking Russell (Westbrook). If I’m at the park, I’m taking Dame (Lillard). I need some dudes that….I like Steph and Klay but they look like scams. Sorry!”

KG responded by laughing and saying, “I can’t believe you said that T. They going to cancel our show.”

Then after Max said he would take Steph, KD and LeBron, Tina hilariously says, “He said blacktop. No, seriously, we aren’t being real.”

Shout out to Thompson. The former #1 pick and four-time champion on the Houston Comets dynasty has always been one of my favorite ballers but she just became one of my favorite sports personalities.