Move Over KD, Juwan Howard is coming out with a rap album | Chris Webber’s Gangsta

Yesterday we posted the new track by the Thunder’s Kevin Durant and just like the NBA finals the Heat had to try to get in the last word…but just there’s not much heat in the news of 39 year old Juwan Howard making a rap album.   If Chris Webber couldn’t sell his album 14 years ago when he was one of the league’s best and most popular then there’s no chance of his fellow Fab Five member even getting downloads if he offered it for free on Google Play like Busta Rhymes did last week.

In his defense I haven’t heard him rap and I do own a rare cd copy of B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret as well as bootlegs tracks of Iverson/Jewels and K.O.B.E and i’ve seen everybody from Jamario Moon to Tony Parker rap on YouTube and I even own some Ron Artest records (yep records – LPs)  and I can’t imagine the leagues oldest player being any worse than those other guys.   As for Shaq, of course he was out shined by every awesome guest artist he had in the 90s from Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop, Meth, Mobb Deep, etc, etc and even Ill Al Skratch and yeah Skillz claims he and Sauce Money wrote some of Shaq’s lyrics but I’ll still take Shaq over half of the current cookie cutter rappers I see on WorldStar Hip Hop nowadays.

In defense of all of the players that make rap songs and aren’t “great” at it.  Are you great at everything you do? Are you even decent at things you would like to do?  As for Shaq, he was a huge hip hop head in the 90s and if you had the chance to make albums that would eventually go Platinum and gold and work with the best rappers and producers in the business would you say no?  Same goes for movies. Kazaam and Steel are as bad as anything Ed Wood and Uwe Boll has created but if you wanted to act, didn’t need the money or the career and had the opportunity to be a leading actor in major studio films for millions of dollars of side/play money why would you turn it down.  I would do an extra role in a film just for a spot on IMDB and my acting makes Shaq look like a student of Lee Strasberg.

Back to Juwan.  He might just be going through his bucket list.  He won a ring last season and maybe he’s always wanted to do a rap album. I say more power to him and looking forward to visiting Juwan’s soundclick or MySpace profile

Thanks to ProBasketballTalk for the story

Listen/Buy Webber’s CD at CD Universe.  You can pick up a used copy for 1cent!

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