MWP & Crowd Goes Crazy When Julius Randle Goes 1-on-1 With Tyson Chandler After Altercation

If you are a Lakers fan, I'm sure you will agree there's a lot of great things about this video.

  • 10 second mark: Tyson Chandler confronting Julius Randle in front of a calm suit-wearing John C. Reilly (actor from a lot of Will Ferrell movies and my favorite early PTA films)
  • 16 second mark: Brandon Ingram with that "am I going to have to get involved" look
  • 34 second mark: Randle's expression before exchanging some pushes with Chandler, which resulted in double techs
  • 54 second mark: Metta World Peace getting out of his seat and jumping up and down when Randle goes 1-on-1 with Chandler
  • 1:06 mark: Randle and Clarkson's celebrations after Clarkson hits a 3 to put the Lakers up by 10

The Lakers went on to win the game and are on their first 3-game winning streak since April of 2013!  Randle followed up his 20 & 14 game against the Warriors with 18 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and another reminder that he doesn't take $#it from anybody (remember when KG tried to get in his face?).

"That's just my game." Said Randle after the game. "I don't back down from anybody. I'm not afraid of nobody."

When asked about the smile he gave Chandler and the play above, Randle replied, "Tyson was ready to take the challenge but it was no challenge." He also added, "I'm past getting caught up in the emotions and all that stuff. I just want to win and make winning basketball plays."

Well, he's playing great under Coach Walton and the Lakers haven't been this exciting and competitive in years.