My Favorite Games: 1996 – Lakers vs TWolves (Magic Johnson & KG)

Nothing historic happened but this was one of my favorite games of the 90s.  Fast paced with dunks galore and I don’t mean a bunch of fast break dunks.  This was NBA Action & Inside Stuff material.
In 1996 the Twolves and Lakers were 2 of my 3 favorite teams.  Magic was my favorite player of all time and I was a big fan of  Ced, EJ and Nick the Quick. On the Twolves side I was intrigued by KG’s potential and in love with JR Rider’s reckless but very dangerous offensive game.

I had a funny conversation with Rider a couple years ago and I asked him what his beef was with Eddie Jones and the guy just lit up and went on and on about killing EJ and the Lakers on the court but he never did answer my question. I guess some people just have to create drama to find motivation.

So here it is (above) dunk by dunk.  Below is also my tribute to those teams during those years.




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