My Time EP2: Shareef O’Neal With Shaqir O’Neal

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Shareef O’Neal

In the latest episode of “My Time,” Home Team Hoops attends a workout session with 16 year old Shareef O’Neal, 13 year old Shaqir O’Neal and trainer James Hunter in LA. Since Shareef – no longer sporting his trademark hairstyle – has his father to teach him big man moves, Hunter’s sessions focus on guard skills, shooting and ball-handling.

Surprisingly, Shareef said his workouts with his Dad are much harder than these type of guard workouts because of how demanding Shaq is. But as a reward for those workouts, he gets to brag about receiving advice from the most dominant big man of all-time, gets to brag about dunking on the most dominant big man of all-time and most importantly, gets to brag about quality father-and-son time.

I don’t want to neglect Mothers, so here’s a recent clip of Shareef throwing down a monster putback dunk in front of his Mom at last month’s Las Vegas Big Foot Hoops event

And here’s an amusing video clip from the reality show ‘Shaunie’s Home Court’ of Mom giving Shaqir a reality check when she walks into a model audition for his birthday party.