34 Great Plays/Moments to Celebrate Nate Robinson's 34th Birthday


I love rooting for the undersized guys, especially small guys that aren't afraid to challenge big guys for a dunk or block.  In the 80s, Kevin Johnson was that little guy that I rooted for.  In the 90s, it was Robert Pack. And for the past decade, it's been Nate Robinson.

At first, it was kind of tough for me to root for Nate during his rookie year because he was playing on that deeply talented but insane of a mess Knicks roster that included Eddy Curry, Marbury, Steve Francis, Jalen Rose, Jamal Crawford and even Penny Hardaway. Then I heard the story of him and Malik Rose recreating a scene out of the TV show "Oz" and thinking this guy is crazy and must be suffering from Napoleon Complex.

I became a fan soon after. I saw him put up 21 points in 20 minutes in one game. He threw down a dunk in traffic in another. He was playing garbage minutes like he was playing in the finals. He hit a game-winner over Allen Iverson. Then of course, there's the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which he won by jumping over Spud Webb.

I was sold and ever since then, Nate has been one of my favorite players, whether he was playing in Boston or with the Warriors or the Bulls or the Nuggets, some overseas team or just playing with his kids in the State of Nate videos.

To celebrate Nate the Great's 34th birthday, here's 34 great & favorite moments of mine.

Top 10 Plays

Nate Top 10 Blocks

Game Winner vs Allen Iverson

Nate's 23 point 4th quarter 

Game winner vs the Nets

State of Nate S3 EP4: Fitness Special

Nate dunks on Shaq in practice

Uncle Drew Chapter 3 

Nate shows off his Sneaker Collection

Nate dunk exhibition during practice 

Nate wins the 2006 NBA Dunk Contest

Nate wins the 2007 NBA Dunk Contest

Nate wins the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest

Nate Robinson's HS football Highlights

 Nate in one of the best interviews of all-time



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