Nate Robinson has Dunk Exhibition for Instagram

Players in this post:
Anthony Webb Nate Robinson

When Nate Robinson made his first dunk at the age of 13, I'm sure he was thinking one day he was going to be able to catch alley-oops, throw down 360 dunks, go between the leg or jump over much taller players once he gets older and adds 5-6 more inches.  He didn't get much taller and capped off at 5'9" but that didn't stop Nate from doing all of those other dunks and doing them in NBA games and in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  Not only did he participate in the NBA Dunk Contet but he became the 2nd under 6'0" tall player to ever win it and unlike Spud Webb who had unsuccessful returns to the All-Star event, Nate won 2 more becoming the first player to ever win 3 NBA dunk contests.


If that wasn't enough to motivate you, how about some footage of Nate, 7 years after his first NBA dunk contest win, throwing down those same fantasy dunks that most taller players in their prime can't even do.


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