Nate Robinson pushes Brandon Knight after BK elbows Jimmy Butler in the face & “messed with his swag”

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Brandon Knight can’t win.  Ever since he rose from the dead (I’m still in Walking Dead season finale mode) he’s been an easy meme target and punchline due to the dunk, his injuries, Pistons losses and now an inadvertent elbow.

After being whistled from travelling, Knight raised his arm up and accidentally elbowed the Bull’s Jimmy Butler right in the face.   Realizing what he did, Knight went over to apologize to Butler but was cut off by Nate Robinson who gave Knight a shove.  Knight returned the shove and then other teammates, refs and coach Frank jumped in to make sure the action didn’t escalate.

Robinson and Pistons Kyle Singler were both given double techs and Knight was given a flagrant.

During a post game interview, Butler was asked if the elbow left a mark and Jimmy replied “I hope not. He messed my swag up with that one.”


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