Nazr Mohammed gets ejected for shoving LeBron to the floor

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Nazr Mohammed LeBron James

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“From my angle, I saw a guy basically flop, and I’m going to leave it at that,” – Thibodeau said of Mohammed’s ejection.

If the Bulls weren’t short staff enough, they lost Nazr Mohammed in the 2nd quarter after he pushed LeBron to the floor.  Nazr lost his cool after fouling LeBron and being thrown to the floor by James.  The refs called James for a tech right before Nazr got up and gave James a shove big enough to warrant an ejection.

Funniest thing about this is the Bulls fans are so blinded by their hate for LeBron and the Heat that they cheered and high fived Nazr as he exited the game instead of booing and flicking him off for hurting his team.  Where’s  Filomena Tobias when  you need her.


Game 3: Miami at Chicago


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