NBA 2K15 - We Got Next commercial with KD, AD, Paul George, Curry & some scary kids

October 7th, please come quicker. I'm afraid of what KD will be doing in the next 2k commercial.  Last week he was drooling (just kidding) over Rachel DeMita while watching 2kTV  and this week he, Anthony Davis, Paul George and Steph Curry are playing in an empty 2k gym when 2 little kids, that look like they mini-Raiden's from Mortal Kombat, say "we got next" and then turn into adults with lots of muscles and lots and lots of hair on their heads.

For some reason, the group of elite NBA All-Stars look worried about playing the guys that look like the guys I play against at LA Fitness. I think they should be afraid of getting electrocuted.

I can't bring up Mortal Kombat and basketball and not show this.

Or 2k Sports and not show this.





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