15 rare items to buy from Ebay on Black Friday

Hopefully you didn’t waste your night or morning fighting with World War Z zombies at Wal-Mart trying to get that rare “great Black Friday deal” that’s hidden in the baby or pet section.  Most of the deals aren’t that good to begin with and most people wont get them because the store only has a couple in stock and those will be taken by the mentioned zombies that’s willing to push old women and stomp on children to save 50 bucks.

If you really want to get some rare crazy deals today and don’t want to leave your house then here’s a few Ebay items for you.


Kangol hats with the NBA logo on them


$_57 (5)

2000 Seattle Sonics Playoffs Pill Bottle – $15


$_3 (2)

Nike LeBron James Scroll of Fear (Poster) –  $256


$_57 (1)

Dennis Rodman Wrestling Figure – $4.25



Autographed Brandon Jenning’s NBA Draft Board Name card – $1,500



Unopened box of 1993 Skinnies (NBA Parody) cards – $150



1989 Miami Heat Training Camp Guide – $160


$_57 (4)

Discontinued Mattel Juice Box Mp3 player with NBA media chip – $10



8th grade yearbook signed by Kobe Bryant – $5k



Antonio McDyess Nuggets Bobblehead – $1


$_57 (6)

 The first issue of Slam Magazine – $140


$(KGrHqYOKnMFJjsGctvWBSb()Dq9qw~~60_57 (1)

Lifesize Shaq Kazaam film promotional Poster – $98


$_57 (2)

Glen Robinson alternate Bucks jersey – $60


$_3 (3)

Dwight Howard Rap CD – $4


$(KGrHqIOKosFHlzL-rKUBR6WcWU,d!~~60_57 (1)

Autograph David Stern 8×10 – $100


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