NBA DISRESPECTFUL MOMENTS 4 (w/ Kobe, Anthony Davis, Durant & Harden reunion)

The funniest channel on YouTube, ITSREAL85, just released pt 4 of the NBA Disrespectful series which means I can longer call it a trilogy and there's something special about being able to call works of art a trilogy.  Anyways, the vid is as brilliant and hilarious as I expected and I expect you to watch it atleast twice in a row and subscribe to the man's YouTube channel.

Skit1: Jealous Vanessa and Kobe makes a request.
Skit2: Chris Paul interview about his breath.
Skit3: Anthony Davis tells Kobe how he gets women with the brow.
Skit4: James Harden tells Durant and Ibaka that he's going to score 30 and Thabeet welcomes him home.


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