NBA Family Sends Condolences To Isaiah Thomas After The Tragic Death Of His Sister

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We all respond to tragedy and grieve differently and shouldn’t be judged by how we do it. Back in 2013, NFL player Adrian Peterson played in a football game the day after the death of his two-year old son. Many unfairly questioned his decision to do so, while many others, like myself, who have lost loved ones in the past, believed Peterson was entitled to do what he had to make sure his mind was in a place to do what’s best for him and the rest of his loved ones.

“I don’t ask people to understand my mindset and how I think,” Peterson said after the game. “Anything that’s bad, I try to take good from it. That’s the way I approach life in all situations. I never thought about not playing. It was all about just going out there and having the strength to play and having the strength to get through and help my team. That was my focus.”

On Saturday morning, one day before the Boston Celtics will face the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of the playoffs, the 22-year old sister of Celtics All-Star Isaiah Thomas, Chyna Thomas, died at the scene of a car accident in Federal Way, Washington. Reports are Thomas will still play in Sunday’s game and does not know when he will return to his home in Tacoma, Washington.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver released a statement about Thomas’ death as many other members of the NBA family sent prayers and condolences on social media.

“The NBA family mourns the tragic passing of Chyna Thomas, and we send our deepest condolences to Isaiah, his family and the Celtics organization during this difficult time,” Silver said in the statement.