Most Successful NBA Father and Son Combos Ever

Hoops Fun compiled a list of the "Five Most Successful NBA Father and Son Combos" ever.

  • Bill Walton (HOF) & Luke Walton (2 Rings)
  • Mychal Thompson (2 Rings) &  Klay Thompson (2 x All-NBA)
  • Dell Curry (6th Man of the year) & (2 x MVP) Steph Curry
  • Joe Bryant & Kobe Bryant (5 Rings)
  • Rick Barry (HOF) & Brent Barry (2 Rings)

If you go by just rings, the Bryant family wins just because of Kobe; If you go by MVP awards, the Curry family wins  just because of Steph (FYI: Kobe should have won more than one); If you go by All-Star games then once again the Bryants win just because of Kobe. My personal pick for most successful goes to the Curry duo because of how valuable Dell was on multiple teams during his 16 years in the NBA and I don't have to say much about Steph. My runner-up would be the Thompsons because Klay is Klay and his father, who was the first pick in the 1978 draft, was an underrated player during his eight seasons in Portland (averaged 20 points & 12 boards in 1981) before he became an important role player on the Showtime Lakers.

Other father and son duos worth mentioning are the following.

  • Jimmy Walker (2 x All-Star) & Jalen Rose (MIP)
  • Larry Nance (3 x All-Star) & Larry Nance Jr
  • Doc Rivers (All-Star) & Austin Rivers
  • Mitchell Wiggins & Andrew Wiggins (ROY)
  • Dolph Schayes (12 x All-Star) & Danny Schayes
  • Henry Bibby (1 Ring) & Mike Bibby (All-Rookie)
  • Glenn Robinson (1 Ring) & Glenn Robinson III (Dunk champ)
  • Stan Love & Kevin Love (4 x All-Star)
  • Tim Hardaway (5 x All-Star) & Tim Hardaway Jr
  • Wes Matthews (2 Rings) & Wesley Matthews
  • Melvin Booker & Devin Booker
  • Mike Dunleavy & Mike Dunleavy Jr
  • John Lucas II  & John Lucas III
  • Gary Payton (HOF) & Gary Payton Jr
  • Gerald Wilkins & Damien Wilkins

And here's a few father and son duos you might be seeing on this list in the near future.

  • Shaquille O'Neal (MDE) & Shareef O'Neal
  • Manute Bol (2 x blks leader) & Bol Bol
  • Greg Anthony & Cole Anthony