NBA Finals GM1 Hilariously Narrated By Michael Rapaport

Players in this post:
Steph Curry LeBron James

Michael Rapaport – actor, underrated director, hilarious podcaster, booster for the LAUFND basketball team in TBT and leader in the preservation of the white point guard – isn’t shy about letting the entire world know what he thinks of LeBron and critics (like the Big O) of Steph Curry.  And during game 1 of the NBA Finals between LeBron’s Cavs and Curry’s Warriors, the former NBA Celeb MVP, via Twitter, provided a lot of RT worthy commentary during the game. So much so, I felt obligated to combine the Gringo Mandingo’s 140 characters with the plays he was watching in an attempt to recreate the feeling of watching the game with him screaming in the same room.

Hopefully you will enjoy it and maybe Rapaport can use it to get a gig providing color commentary during a NBA game….Cavs and Knicks would be a good one.