NBA Impersonator B.A: Shawn Bradley Be Like….

Before I tell you how accurate and funny Brandon Armstrong’s impersonation of 7’6 Shawn Bradley is and before I show you a bunch of dunks on the former #2 pick (Not only was he picked right before Penny Hardaway, the 76ers thought about trading up so they could draft him over Chris Webber), I feel obligated to say Bradley was much more than just a big dunk target.

I watched the Big Mormon put up 24 points on the Big Aristotle (Shaq); I watched Bradley put up 22 points, 22 boards and 13 blocks against the big Portland lineup of Rasheed, Cato and Jermaine O’Neal; I watched him put up multiple 20-point double-doubles with near 10 blocks and I haven’t seen too many recent centers do that.

With all that said, he’s been dunked on more times than I can recall and Bdot did a pretty great job of not only showing that but getting his movements down perfect. The only thing missing was showing how Bradley was in a bunch of fights (What’s up Walt Williams!).