NBA Inside Stuff strikes again with (awful) Ariana Grande/Iggy video for Jam Session

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I’ve been really really hard on the NBA Inside Stuff reboot but will admit that the show has improved throughout the season.  BUT…the best thing about the show in the 90s remains awful and that is the weekly video montage called “Jam Session.”

It’s so awful that back in April,  the editor of one of the videos went on YouTube and apologized for it.

Wow! You are the best fans in the world, and I guess i owe everyone an apology. I did not pick the song, but i did do the editing/producing. In earnest i am not a fan of the music either! My job is to make the most of what they give me. And in this case it was NOTHING! With that, i went about imaging what Discloser would do with the NBA. Obviously i was WRONG! ~StudioB

Whoever edited yesterday’s Jam Session, featuring the song “Problem” by Ariana Grande and Nick Young’s girlfriend Iggy Azalea, might have to write another apology because after 24 hours, the video has just as many dislikes as likes and the majority of comments are just comments about how a 3-way with Ariana and Iggy is better than watching the Big 3 in San Antonio.

One person even commented “just came to dislike this” which resulted in 100 likes and a reply that said “after I read the title of the vid I came to see the dislike bar and read comments like this.”  Same here.

If you just want to look at Ariana and not have to listen to the song then check this out.


If you want to watch a great (simple) Jam Session then check this out.

If you want to watch a great Spurs tribute then check this out.

The show did have an interesting piece with Kristen Ledlow eating a bunch of food during the finals but I (and probably Charles Barkley) was disappointed they didn’t show her eating Churros in San Antonio!


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