NBA Inside Stuff is returning this season | Best Inside Stuff Moments

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Grant Hill

From 1992 to about 1999, my Saturday morning routine was eat breakfast, watch Saturday morning cartoons or NBC shows like Saved By The Bell, City Guys, HangTime, California Dreams and then get my VCR ready with a 2 hour VHS tape set to EP mode so I could record up to 8 hours of footage, and record NBA Inside Stuff with Ahmad Rashad & either Julie Moran (my least favorite), Willow Bay (my favorite) or Summer Sanders (my second favorite).  The interviews were great, Rewind was awesome and Jam Session (the original Hoop Mixtapes) got me so hyped that I would usually end up playing basketball right when the show was done.

The show, which started back in 1990, went off the air in 2005 when not many people were watching it on ABC but in the age of reboots and re releases, the NBA is hoping the YouTube generation will accept the return of the once great Saturday morning show. ┬áThe premier of the new Inside Stuff will be November 2nd at noon and will be hosted by recently retired Grant Hill (a fixture on Inside Stuff in the mid 90s), sports radio talk show host Kristen Ledlow and the original “main man” Ahmad Rashad.

In honor of the return of Inside Stuff, here’s some of my favorite moments including a few clips from my VHS archive that will hopefully bring back some great memories for those who used to watch the show.


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