NBA Legends React To Jordan Kilganon’s Latest “Never Before Seen Dunk”

And you thought Oprah Sideverson overreacted to dunks!

The “never before seen dunk” by international pro dunker Jordan Kilganon aka The Dunker In Jeans From The All-Star Game at the NBA House in Rio was great but the reactions by NBA greats Gary Payton and Glen Rice is what made this video.

The NBA also thinks this is pretty great because out of it’s last 5 YouTube videos, 4 have been about GP and Rice reacting to “6’1 dunker.” And 6 of it’s last 11; I don’t think the NBA channel has ever used LeBron or Steph Curry that many times in 5 and 11 videos and they are willing to post a video of LeBron or Steph tying their shoe laces.