NBA Live 16’s Avatars Are So Awful NBA Players Are Complaining About It | Jesus Bynum PT2?


I was rooting for NBA Live 16.  After  watching Alexis Morgan interview cover player Russell Westbrook at the Live 16 Launch Party last week, I said I think this is the year for the Live comeback.  They have an interesting soundtrack. They added all the pro-am courts. They put out some nice promotional stuff.  What could possibly go wrong?  Then they released the Demo and the internet and a few NBA players discovered how bad they screwed up on the player’s avatars.

How bad were the avatars? When Gobert saw his he tweeted “Who did this to me???”

The answer is sadly EA. The same company responsible for the Jesus Bynum glitch in the demo for NBA Elite 11. If you don’t know about the Jesus Bynum glitch then click here to read about it and watch one of the funniest game reviews of all-time.

What could possibly make this avatar issue a bigger one than Jesus Bynum is news like this didn’t go viral as quickly in 2010 as it could now because the Jesus Bynum story mainly just spread through YouTube and forums. This Avatar issue will spread through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a whole bunch of copycat website and blogs.


It was just 3 years ago when we were bragging that Live was back from the dead at the 2013 E3 Press Conference, so we would hate to see the product arrive D.O.A in 2015 and allow 2K to continue their dominance without any competition. With that said, keep in mind we are talking about a Demo (Allen Iverson voice). EA still has time to clean up these issues and according to a lot of other people on the internet, the gameplay is pretty good.  But I don’t think 2K is worried considering they released a shots-fired commercial last month called #Winning.

Source: B/R