Top 5 NBA Live 16 DEMO Glitches: LeBron Dunks Through The Backboard! Kevin Love Shoots A FT Towards The Wrong Basket!!

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LeBron James Kevin Love

My love for NBA Live, which goes back to 1995, keeps me believing in the franchise which died in 2010 and was resurrected in 2013. But I’ve had a real hard time defending the EA game over the past week after the release of their demo. It was glitches galore and avatars so laughably bad that it brought back memories of Elite 11’s Jesus Bynum.

One of the most cringe worthy glitches involves Kevin Love at the free throw line – no he doesn’t make the shot and then fail at giving his teammates a handshake. That would have been cool.  Love instead turns around and shoots the free throw towards the other basket.  That glitch is so ridiculous I want to believe it was done on purpose. Why? I have no idea but maybe for the same reason they have his teammate LeBron dunking through the backboard or his other teammate JR Smith taking such an awful shot that people are saying there’s no way JR Smith would shoot that.

Speaking of shooting, just wait until you see Kevin Durant’s airball glitch.

Speaking of shooting, let’s just hope EA doesn’t get too down and puts a bullet in the franchise again.  I want Live to live again but from the looks of it, Live 16 might be DOA (Dead On Arrival).

Source: B/R & Fox Sports