NBA Lockout Update: We're Screwed

Lockout negotiations between the NBA owners and the NBA Players Association broke today with virtually no positives coming from the meeting.

Somehow, the situation is getting even worse.

With no outcome from today's meeting we are likely to see cancellations of more regular season games and the possibility of a season actually happening are getting slimmer.

Last week, David Stern said that if no deal was made this week that the NBA may cancel games through Christmas.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that talks broke down over the proposed revenue split. He also reported that the owners proposed a 50-50 split of all basketball related income while the players proposed a band of a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 53%, depending on how the league did financially.

Billy Hunter, NBA Player's Association executive director, said the owners would not budge from the 50-50 split saying the owners gave them an virtual ultimatum of "take it or leave it."

Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD, reported that a source close to the NBAPA said the owners "planned this all along" and that "they don't want to make a deal. They wasted our time. They teased us."

Kennedy also reports that according to his source, San Antonio Spurs owner, Peter Holt, is slowing down the negotiations and told the players, "You haven't felt enough pain."

Reactions from players on Twitter have been quite hostile with Dwyane Wade tweeting, "You know it's sad when people don't even try and hide their greed."

The prospect of seeing an NBA game in the near future are looking very grim. No meetings between the parties have been scheduled and Stern, who was not present at today's negotiations due to illness, will meet with league officials on Friday where game cancellations are all but certain.

If your glass was half full before today, your outlook is going to be a little less hopeful. The situation is looking pretty bleak.



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