Russian Nesting Doll maker doesn’t think Chris Bosh is part of the Big 3 + other odd NBA Nesting Dolls


Here’s a picture that started on Reddit and currently circulating the hoop circles showing a Matryoshka Doll aka Nesting Doll of the Miami Heat with Chris Bosh being the smallest of the 5 pieces.  The order of rank, from tallest to shortest, to the doll maker was LeBron, Wade, Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers and then the tallest player of the group Chris Bosh.  Having Super Mario bigger than Bosh must say something about Bosh’s popularity in Russia (Maybe those neo-Nazi idiots of Format18 made them).

Bosh shouldn’t feel too bad.  They also made Andrew Bynum smaller than Gasol and Odom.  Kukoc smaller than Steve Kerr.  Maybe the most bizarre one is this late 90’s Suns set with Antonio McDyess being the smallest and Kevin Johnson being the biggest among KJ, Rex Chapman, Jason Kidd, Danny Manning and Dice.

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Then you have Ak-47 who gets a whole set of his own.


Flashback: Kevin Durant scores 33 points and helps Team USA beat Russia in 2010

[youtube id=”gl5kCFbiTWI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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