NBA Players Mourn The Death of Muhammad Ali

In 1998, Michael Jordan agreed to do a Chevy commercial because it allowed him to get the autograph of the only man, not just athlete, he wanted an autograph from: Muhammad Ali aka The People’s Champ aka The Goat before The Goat. They did the commercial, MJ got a pair of autographed boxing gloves and Chevy released posters of the two that simply said “The Greatest.”

Some¬†boxing fans will tell you that “the greatest” is also one of the most “overrated” because of the amount of losses (5 official) and controversial fights he had. But he’s not “the greatest” because of how many wins he had in the ring, the King is the greatest because of how he did things in the ring, what he did outside of it and the impact he’s had on generations of people, including generations born decades after his last boxing fight. This impact was shown on Friday night and Saturday morning when news hit the world that the 3 x World Heavyweight Champion passed away at the age of 74 after his longest fight: a 32 year one with Parkinson’s disease.