NBA Releases C.J McCollum “Wins It” vs Mavs Video Without Showing The Game Winner & Awkward Celebration

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Shabazz Napier CJ McCollum

When I saw C.J McCollum get molested by his teammates after breaking the hearts of the Dallas Mavs and their fans with a tear drop at the end of a wild fourth quarter, I jokingly said to myself, “I bet the NBA cuts out bad azz Shabazz Napier making McCollum look like a kid getting hugged and kissed by his mom in front of his friends at school.”


What did surprise me in their recap video titled, “C.J. McCollum Wins It For The Blazers, Drops 32 Points On The Road” is (as of the following morning) they didn’t even show the game-winner! How are you going to have a 3 minute and 12 second recap video of a player and not show his game-winner?

Thankfully there’s a superior NBA channel named Ximo Pierto (whatever number he’s up to), ran by Ballislife alum (I can’t say his legal name).  He posted the game-winner and the hilarious and awkward celebration/molestation.

The NBA did later drop a Top 5 Plays Of The Night video and showed the game-winner but (of course) left off bad azz Shabazz.