NBA releases Interactive 1984 NBA Draft Video (rare Jordan & Barkley rookie highlights)

NBATV will be airing the a special on the 1984 NBA Draft this Monday at 9PM and to preview the special about the greatest (no argument) draft of all-time, they put out this very cool interactive 84 draft video.  The video allows you to watch rare clips of a few of the hall of famers like #1 pick Hakeem, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and John Stockton.

If having arguably the best pure point guard, best shooting guard/player, best power forward and center of all-time doesn’t make this greatest draft ever, it also had all-stars and stand out players like Sam Perkins, Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Jerome Kersey and underrated guys like Michael Cage who lead the league in rebounds one season after grabbing 30 in the final game of a season.


People most remember this draft as the draft the Blazers selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan but what many people don’t know is the Bulls didn’t want to draft Jordan either.

The Bulls only selected Jordan because the top two big men were gone and they were unable to trade the pick that would be Jordan for centers Jack Sikma or Tree Rollins.  There was even a 3 way trade involving the pick going to the LA Clippers for Terry Cummings that fell through a week before the draft.  Try explaining those trades to historians as Michael Jordan becomes the best Dallas Maverick (they had the 4th pick) ever.

Now there was a very interesting trade that was rumored around that time which is my favorite all-time “What If?” trade.  According to Hakeem in his biography, the Blazers offered the Rockets the #2 pick and Drexler for Ralph Sampson.  The Rockets declined and the birth of the “Twin Towers” happened but what if the Rockets would have accepted the trade and for some reason taken Jordan with that pick?  Hakeem, Clyde Drexler and Michael Jordan on the same team.  I’m not sure Air and Glide would have been able to co-exist but I’m sure the Rockets would have been able to get a pretty good supporting player for the best 2 man combo in the league.


Then we have the very underrated player but piece of crap of a human Alvin Robertson.  Robertson has one of the 5 quadruple doubles in history but also has a long disturbing rap sheet that you can google. You can also google Shaq’s rap song “Where ya at” where he raps about the time he punched Robertson in the face.


Since we are showcasing cool Interactive YouTube vids, here’s one that we made back in 2009 that allowed users to choose which high school season of DeMar DeRozan they want to watch.


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