NBA rookies guess their 2k15 Ratings

During the NBA rookie photo shoot, a bunch of first year players were asked what they thought their NBA2k rating was going to be.  Most were pretty realistic and guessed around the 70s which is where most of the rookies were listed but #1 pick Andrew Wiggins thought he belonged in the 80s.  His actual score was 77 which is 1 point lower than Jabari Parker who has the highest rating among rookies.

The rooks can’t feel too bad considering only 4 players in the game have a score of over 90.  Cover boy Kevin Durant has an overall rating of 95.

Watching this video reminded me of the time, back in 2011, when asked Michael Beasley about his NBA2k12 rating of 78 and Beasley replied “that’s higher than I thought.”




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