NBA Santas from around the league (Jamal Claus, KD, Shaq, Rondo, Lillard, Westbrook & more)


I stopped believing in the big bearded white guy that would bring me toys on Christmas when I was around 6. That’s because I was lucky. Lucky enough to have two loving parents and a sister that could afford to buy me gifts and put them out under our decorated Christmas tree while I slept in my bed and dreamed about all the great things in my future.   For millions of kids, just the idea of having their own bed in a their own home would be a dream come true.  For others just having a Mom or Dad or any guardian that was capable or willing to take care of them would be a dream.  To many of them, they find role models in athletes or celebs that are perceived to have lots of fame, money, power and respect.  So for me, I have all the respect in the world when I see these famous celebs use their fame, money and power to play Santa for these kids and help them forget about everything they don’t have for atleast one day and give them inspiration to do better things someday.

Here’s a few basketball Santas from around the league that were spotted in the past few weeks.



“Fifteen million children will wake up on Christmas without a toy. My goal is to chip away at that number and spread cheer,” O’Neal said.

Shaquille O’Neal played Santa at a few spots including the Boys & Girls Club in Venice, Ca and Humphries Elementary School.



J Crossover played Jamal Claus to over 300 kids at the Barack Obama Charter School in Compton

“For me, that’s what I was looking for when I was a kid,” Crawford said. “I had a vision of how I wanted a pro athlete to be and I’m trying to fulfill those standards. Growing up I had the opportunity to be around pro athletes and some of them were good and some of them weren’t so good. I was like, ‘If I’m ever in that position I want to treat kids with respect, I want look them in the eye, I want to make them think they’re the most important thing.’ Because they are. They’re our future and I want to make sure they have a special Christmas.”

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KD and his brother teamed up with People’s Church to give hundreds of families in Oklahoma a Christmas.

‘This is my favorite time of the year,” Durant said. “And to give back to the community is really what I enjoy to do.”

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Parsons shaved his head in honor of a 10 year old fan he met with cancer.  He didn’t tell the kid but told the family to make sure they watch the Rockets on Christmas day to see a surprise.

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Rajon Rondo delivered bikes, scooters and iPods to 100 kids at the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club




The cold blooded killer on the court was a warm guy earlier this month when he took 30 kids from the Blazers’ Boys and Girls Club on a shopping spree at Toys R Us. Each kid was given $100 to buy whatever they like.




Westbrook, his parents and Why Not? Foundation teamed up with the Citizens Caring for Children to throw a Christmas party to 86 kids in foster care.




Nate played Secret Santa for kids at the Seattle Children’s Hospital




Cousins took 100+ kids on a shopping spree at Wal-Mart in Sacramento

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Brought Christmas to an Illinois family that had their home destroyed by a tornado

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