Carmelo Anthony refuses to pass the salt in NBA Uncensored Trash Talk EP18

So Carmelo supposedly threatened Tim Hardaway Jr. Whatever. He doesn't like the triangle. Who does? There's also rumors that Melo might have to have surgery on his bum knee. Well, Tim, Iman and JR Smith might not have an issue with that. Wait, JR is supposedly on the trading block.  There's also a rumor that those players told Melo he was playing selfish in a recent players-only meeting. Who Melo? Anthony denied the rumor but when you aren't willing to pass the salt, people are going to talk.

In the latest episode of the very funny and NSFW Uncensored Trash Talk video by the comedic genius ItsReal85, Melo and  his unwillingness to pass is hilariously mocked. KD, KG, The Bulls' Mascot and of course Chris Bosh are also featured.

Enjoy and and yes the video contains lots of bad words so if you still have the buy the clean versions of songs then skip this video.