NBA Upate: 32 Days to Tipoff

We have a pulse, people! With only 32 days left until NBA tip off, media days have officially began league wide. With so many headlines over the offseason and buildups to the upcoming season, it’s finally time to at least get a first glimpse at our favorite squads, even if it isn’t on the court (we all know Summer League’s just an excuse to come to Vegas). With the Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors participating in the festivities before they head off overseas for some preseason action, there won’t be a shortage of questions from Dwight Howard to how exactly Derrick Rose feels about playing again and everything in-between.

Aside from all of the obvious we’ve had our attention on for a while, some news in the sneaker world is that Golden State’s baby-faced sharp-shooter, Steph Curry, left Nike for Under Armour over the offseason. And people definitely haven’t been shy about bringing it up. It’s obvious that Nike isn’t shy about sharing their product. They’ll shell out PE’s and extra pairs of players’ favorite shoes for games all season. But the Swoosh isn’t exactly notorious for forking over millions of dollars that athletes desire for wearing product. With Nike having so many potential signature stars in the mix, it was questioned if Curry left because of that tough competition.

Ballislife | Poor Man's Commish Tweet

Ballislife | Poor Man's Commish Tweet

Then, this happened…

Ballislife | Benjamin Cruz's Tweet

Of course, there’s reason for all of this. Not too many people of a star caliber reputation like Curry just leave Nike like that. They own the basketball Market with their signature athletes in LeBron, KD and Kobe. But with Irving on the rise, even if Under Armour made him feel comfortable, I could see why he’d want to switch. Wonder how Jennings feels about it, though…

Anyway, there’s a little over a month left until we get NBA action back in our lives, so let’s take a look at some highlights from people that dawned number 32 as we look forward to more to come from media days around the league.


I never got to witness Magic’s greatness aside from replays, but man, do I miss those sweet hook shots and no-llok passes. Effortless in every way.


I still freak out when I watch this. Shout out to Kendrick Perkins for not retiring after the game.


The Mailman had more power than some people recall. I also miss how loud the Delta Center got. I miss the Delta Center, period.



With media days happening and preseason approaching, I think it’s safe to say we survived the offseason. Get ready, folks.











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