NBA YouTube Channel Is Easily Impressed with Boring Dunks & Loves Porn Titles

“Giannis Antetokounmpo Shows His Flight Skills Before Dunk Contest”

During the Bucks’ win last night against the Celtics, Giannis the Greek Freak put up a great line (14pts, 11rebs, 5asts, 2blks), had the block of the night and had one nothing special routine dunk. But the NBA YouTube channel, who has been desperate in hyping up next week’s dunk contest, thought the dunk was not only good enough to feature but to represent Giannis’ “flight skills” and use as a promo for the competition.

Here’s a few responses from YouTube users who were less than impressed.

  • I love Giannis but that wasn’t that great of a dunk lmao!!
  • this was about as impressive as a bag of potatoes.
  • Come on NBA. Flight skills? 
  • U fukin serious wat was so special abu dis dunk?
  • This got a post?

As bad as that title was, the NBA actually topped it last night by ruining a great dunk by Rudy Gay with this pornographic title “Rudy Gay Cocks the Hammer and Explodes to the Tin.” I don’t want to sound like an immature 6th grader laughing in the back of Health class but c’mon NBA!

Here’s a another example of the NBA showing it’s freaky side.

But my personal favorite was this Blake Griffin dunk.

It now says “Blake Griffin’s Nice Pass Fake and Smash” but it originally said “Blake Griffin Shakes The “D” For The Smash” which led to these YouTube comments.

  • Shakes the “D”. Dont start getting perverted NBA
  • Oh yea shake that d blake
  • Dont change the title now lol. Your still suspect for making it in the first place.
  • Yo he shook that D so well. 
  • Did the NBA just make a sex joke